The Global Change Program seeks to train a new generation of leaders who are equipped to pursue solutions to a host of interconnected challenges such as climate change, environmental pollution, water resources, human health, and the ever-rising demand for affordable, clean energy. Georgia Tech has extensive research expertise in energy policy, climate science, renewable energy, and sustainable business, which brings cutting-edge ideas and approaches to our student’s fingertips. A central component of our mission is to build new partnerships across key units within Georgia Tech, as well as between the Georgia Tech community and outside partners, both private and public. In developing the new Global Change Program, we seek to add value to, and resonance between, both the research and educational enterprises at Georgia Tech, in close alignment with the Institute’s Strategic Plan.


Kim Cobb

Kim Cobb

Director, Global Change Program
Georgia Power Chair, Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, ADVANCE Professor of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Kim Cobb studies paleoclimate and climate change. Her lab's mission is to uncover the mechanisms of global climate change, both natural and anthropogenic, in order to inform projections of future climate change. Her research group focuses primarily on the generation of new high-resolution records of past tropical Pacific climate variability from corals and cave stalagmites, with an emphasis on the last decades to centuries. Through the thoughtful combination of climate models and data, Cobb seeks to characterize natural climate variability in this region and identify climate trends that are associated with anthropogenic climate change.

Wayne Clough

Wayne Clough

Senior Advisor, President Emeritus of Georgia Tech

Wayne Clough is President Emeritus of the Georgia Tech and former Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. During Clough’s tenure, Georgia Tech’s national rankings rose into the top 10 among public universities. The student population increased from 13,000 to 18,000, and funding for external research more than doubled from slightly more than $200 million to $425 million.

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